SQL Server Reporting Service report size limitation

SQL Server Reporting Service report size limitation
When you create report in SSRS and if the size of report is higher than 4MBs size, you will get error while exporting those reports.
You usually doesnot see any specific error while exporting, but usually you will get time-out error, or server not available in browser.
So when you encounters these issue in SSRS reports, keep eyes on web.config files. Check web.config file in following path.
\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.[SSRSInstanceName]\Reporting Services\ReportManager
Find out if maxRequestLength has been set. If you can not find maxRequestLength variable in web.config file, size of report default to 4MB size. you can change this restriction with following configuration.

httpRuntime maxRequestLength="100000" executionTimeout="90000"

find out executionTimeout and add executionTimeout=”100000″ to set upto 100MBs size.
So easy. It reflects on-the-fly changes, so no need to bounce the SSRS.

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    Good Posting, helped me troubleshooting. Thank you

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